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Meeting #22 — Thursday, February 25; 2pm
Meeting #20 — Thursday, December 17; 2pm
Meeting #19 — Thursday, November 19; 2pm
Meeting #18 — Thursday, October 29; 2pm

Meeting #17 — Thursday, October 8; 2pm
Meeting #16 — Thursday, September 24; 2pm
Meeting #15 — Thursday, September 10; 2pm
Meeting #14 — Thursday, August 27; 2-3pm via Zoom

Meeting #13
— Thursday., August 13; 2-3:30pm via Zoom
Meeting #12 — Wednesday, August 5; 2-4 pm via Zoom
Meeting #11Thursday, July 30; 2-3:30pm via Zoom
Meeting #10Monday, July 20; 2-4pm via Zoom
  • Subcommittee#1 starts at 57:11
  • Subcommittee#2 starts at 1:55
Meeting #9Tuesday, July 14; 2-4pm via Zoom
Meeting #8Thursday, July 2; 2-4pm via Zoom
  • Subcommittee#1 starts at 23:50
  • Subcommittee#2 starts at 1:08:42
Meeting #7Tuesday, June 30; 2-4pm via Zoom
Meeting #6Thursday, June 25; 2-4pm via Zoom
Meeting #5Tuesday, June 23 at 2-4pm via Zoom
Meeting #4Thursday, June 18; 2-4pm via Zoom
Meeting #3 — Tuesday, June 16; 2-4pm via Zoom
Meeting #2 — Tuesday, June 2; 2-4pm via Zoom
Meeting #1 — Thursday, May 28; 3pm via Zoom
Preparation for the next school year begins with the initial draft of the County's Pandemic Recovery Plan which is released in draft form to each district. This plan will include health guidelines that must be closely followed for schools to begin teaching students on campus again. To help with this transition, we have formed the Woodside School Reopening Task Force. The Task Force will begin meeting this month and will address the following topics: Health/Social Distancing/Safety (Cleaning Protocol); School Schedules; School Operations; Curriculum and Instruction; Technology; Facilities/Transportation; Budget; Mental Health needs, Communication and School Board Policy. This committee will actively solicit parent feedback related to the scope of their work and will provide the school community with regular updates on its progress. The Task Force is comprised of the following stakeholders:

Committee MembersTop of Page

Direct emails to the Task Force may be sent to
Administration & Office
  • Steve Frank, Superintendent
  • Melissa Bowdoin, TK-4th Principal
  • Jennifer Pedersen, 5th-8th Principal
  • Dr. Marta Batlle, Director of Student Services
  • Halin Hansen, Technology Director
  • Sandeep Tulachan, Technology
  • Waly Ndiaye, Director of Business Services
  • Cathy Stienstra, Executive Assistant
  • Tina Adolph, Office
  • Eucadio Martinez, Maintenance
  • Michelle Ahlstrom, Communications
  • Kathy McAdams
  • Ellen Bertine
  • Lauren Baumgartner
  • Kristina Valentine
  • Kathy Jones
  • Kara D’Ambrosio
  • Jennifer Mitchell
  • Mena Lam
4 pillars
Health Professionals
  • Dr. Erica Goldman
  • Dr. Dan Simon
  • Dr. Vanila Singh
  • Abbe Keene – School Nurse
School Board
  • Jenny Hayden
  • Jen Zweig
  • Amanda Peiffer
  • Christine Hutchinson
  • Devon Kohler
  • Beth Nash
  • Elizabeth Estrailian
  • Latoya Dunlap
Site Council
  • Todd Zwaanstra
  • Dan Simon – Health Professional