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Next WIDC Meeting
Wednesday, September 18th

Mission StatementTop of Page

Woodside School is committed to being a diverse and inclusive community and believes the inclusion of people of diverse race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, learning style, physical ability, family structure and socioeconomic background enriches our academic programs and the experience of students, educators, staff and families. While preparing and educating our young people for roles as citizens and leaders in a highly diverse world, we will cultivate understanding and strengthen relationships, appreciating the benefits and rising to the challenge of integrating diversity in all aspects of our school community.

Outreach Team MembersTop of Page

Staff: Marta Batlle, Elvira Ramirez Martinez, Nikkie McManis, Brian Myrtetus

Parents: Carmen DiCinque, Robyn Cornyn, Jody Domingos, Robin Duncan, Christina Hengehold, Christine Hutchinson, Maria Jimenez, Kevin Johnson, Melissa Land, Anthony Larkin, Sabrina Maron, Tovis Page, Amanda Peiffer, Claire Pollioni, Kathie Ratcliff (Terhune), Miranda Sissons, Ama Zenya, Olivia Zwaanstra

School Board Reps: Jenny Hayden & Kevin Johnson

Outreach Subcommittee WorkTop of Page


Members: Anthony Larkin, Sabrina Maron, Marta Batlle, Jody Domingos, Magalli Murguia, Tovis Page, Olivia Zwaanstra, Robyn Cornyn


  • Compile “wish list” of books from WES teachers/staff/DELAC that portray diverse characters in non-stigmatized ways.
  • Multicultural Day at WES — March 2019?
  • Incorporate more diverse and multicultural themes into every day curricula, including Art, Design Lab, etc.
  • East Side Prep Event
    • Woodside School and Portola Valley Schools’ families and staff gather over dinner to mix, mingle, and get to know one another. Conduct open dialogue among staff and families about school, community and any other relevant topics.
    • For 2018-2019 East Side event, discussing possibility of having local high school principals attend to give quick speeches about their respective high schools and how admissions and registration process works.


  • DELAC & Outreach met, formulated list and submitted “wish list” of multicultural literature.
    • In Spring 20018, list was approved and books were purchased (funded partly by Teacher Grants) for grades K, 2 and 4 as pilot.
    • Next year: Hope to get “wish list” books purchased for grades 1, 3 and 5.
  • Multicultural Day 2019 is in brainstorming mode.
    • Outreach and WES Staff to meet to discuss framework, scope, logistics, etc. at next Outreach Meeting on 9/24.
    • To include WES Parent, Shenny Covotta, in such meetings as she has run PV Schools’ Multicultural Day for several years.
  • 2017 East Side Prep Night was held in November 2017 at East Side Prep East Palo Alto.
    • WES Staff and PV Staff were in attendance as well as several WES and PV families.
    • This event allowed many families to openly chat. The bus was a main topic with aim to monitor and improve bus behavior with chaperone.
  • 2018-2019 East Side Prep High School Night is in brainstorm mode.
    • To discuss at next Outreach Meeting on 9/24.


Members: Christina Hengehold, Christine Hutchinson, Ama Zenya


  • Create Buddy Family Hand Book
  • Strengthen BF support for East Palo Alto/East Menlo Park Families
  • Increase New Family & Buddy Family Events to create more Support and Inclusion


  • Buddy Family Handbook created by Buddy Family Subcommittee
    • Handbook includes: Roles and Responsibilities, School Events BF to attend, Communication Expectations
  • For 2018-2019 school year, each East Palo Alto/East Menlo Park Family received 2 Buddy Families (vs. one BF as previous years)
    • One BF lives in same community as new family to offer neighborly and community support while other BF offers additional general support.
  • Increased Number of Events for New Families and their “Buddies”

    • New Parent Coffees - meet and mingle over coffee and treats
      • Held at Hengehold home in both September 2017 and April 2018. Several new parents attended and met fellow new parents as well as existing parents. Members from the PTA, Board and Foundation attended and briefly spoke about their roles and ways to get involved.

    • New Parent Luncheon ~ May 2018
      • Potluck luncheon for New East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park families and their “buddies.”   
      • Existing parents and several members of WES Staff also attended. Parents met one another and chatted about school, activities, and other various subjects.
    • New Parent Coffee & Tour ~ July 2018
      • Held at Woodside School in July for new parents. Parents gathered and mingled among one another. A brief school tour was given by WSF President Christine Hutchinson.


Members: Marta Batlle


  • Find alternative transportation for kids who live outside of Woodside and participate in after school classes, sports, activities.
  • Increase carpooling among all families, especially for those who live outside of Woodside.


  • Laura, Christina, and Marta spoke with Hop Skip Drive (CA-based startup which provides Uber-like taxi service to kids by fully vetted caregivers) about possibility of using their service in fall 2018 for several kids who live outside of Woodside and need a ride home after school hours. Due to high estimate and possible legal challenges, going to delay using HSD for now.
  • Research carpooling system/sign-up to get people to volunteer carpooling for those who need rides home after school hours.


Members: Robyn Cornyn (Leader) and Christine Hutchinson


  • Create Outreach Mission Statement
  • Partner with Karen Poole (WSF Creative) to come up with Outreach Logo.
  • Work with Michelle Ahlstrom on placement and layout of “Outreach” on WES website. (done)


  • Outreach Mission Statement created and submitted to School Board
  • Committee to explore logo ideas
  • Michelle Ahlstrom created a Diversity & Inclusion and Outreach Program pages with content on WES website

Other Achievements by the Outreach Team:

  • Garden Fest 2017
    • Front office gave vouchers to those in need prior to the event.
    • Bus pick-up was delayed to allow all kids to participate in Garden Fest.
  • Rise Against Hunger 2018
    • Many WES kids participated, including those who live outside of Woodside.
    • Parents carpooled several outside of Woodside area kids home.
  • May Day 2018
    • Vouchers handed out to kids prior to event to those in need.
    • Enabled more people to attend this community event and engage among one another.
  • BTS BBQ September 2018
    • Vouchers handed out prior to those families in need.
    • Allowed many families to attend and partake in school-wide BBQ evening.
    • Seating areas by grade to help facilitate seating for new and current families.
  • Garden Fest 2018
    • Will be held on a Tuesday so kids who ride the bus can attend the festival before getting on the bus at 3:30pm.
    • As last year, they will also receive vouchers to purchase items.