Image used for Coffee Chats with the Woodside School Board prmotion

Informal Coffee Chats with the Woodside School Board
We encourage parents and members of our community to join two members of the Woodside School Board to openly discuss topics of their choosing. These informal chats provide an opportunity for guests to ask questions, voice concerns and sip coffee with their board members. 

2018-19 Dates
  • Wed., December 5 at 9:30am; School Library (immediately following PTA meeting)
  • Wed., April 24 @ 8:45am; Wildcats (immediately following Wednesday line-up)
    (Potential topics to discuss: homework, differentiation, campus safety, design program, diversity & inclusion and SEL program)
2017-18 Dates
  • Fri., Feb. 16 at 8:45am; Wildcats
  • Mon., April 30 at 6:30pm; Wildcats