2nd Grade Parents — be sure to bid on our grade's Class Treasure items below in the online auction from May 7 - May 15! Then, get ready for the big night of 2020 Grand Auction — Solid Gold on Saturday, May 16!

2nd Grade Basket of Math & Pig
Take home some of your child's favorite math games from their year with Ms. Griffith. Enjoy some family fun playing Blokus, Countdown, Farkle, and Mancala while reminiscing about "the good ole days" in 2nd Grade.  In addition, share Ms. Griffith's passion for pigs, cultivated from her childhood on a Minnesota pig farm, with an adorable stuffed, plush pig!
Value: Priceless
Ms. Griffith's 2nd Grade Class of 2020

2nd Grade Basket of Frogs, Squirrels & Rats
Take home a classic memory of your child’s 2nd grade in Mrs. Falescini’s classroom with a replica of her beloved classroom transition tool, her mesmerizing Wooden Frog. Simply run the stick along the ridges of the frog's back to produce a realistic yet soothing croaking sound. Then, when calmness hits the room, all will be ready to … read! The basket also includes six favorite read aloud books from Mrs. Falescini’s classroom: 3 Darn Squirrels books, The Infamous Ratsos, The Infamous Ratsos Are Not Afraid and The Tale of Despereaux.
Value: Priceless
Mrs. Falescini’s 2nd Grade Class of 2020