2017-18 Field TripsTop of Page

On our endless quest for knowledge, we must occasionally venture into the world beyond our classroom.  Visits we have planned to enhance our curriculum are:

Shoreway Environmental Center: What exactly happens to the refuse we create? As ambassadors of the environment, our young ecologists will learn where our recyclables are processed for a large portion of San Mateo County. The curriculum goal is to educate kids in resource conservation and 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot/Composting) behaviors so that they will be empowered to conserve resources in their lives and practice recycling at their schools and residences. 

  • Tues., Oct. 10 for Simkins' class 
  • Wed., Oct. 11 for Bertine's class 
  • Fri., Oct. 13 for MacLaughlin's class

Folger Stables:  We will learn about local Woodside history and participate in some fun hands-on activities during our spring visit to Folger Stables. Each class will make this trip on a separate date and will need 6 or more parent chaperones. Dates will be determined later in the year as we typically make this trip in the spring.

  • Simkins: February 7
  • Bertine: April 4
  • McLaughlin: May 16
Marine Science Center:
  • March 9th — 9:30 - 12:30 (all three classes go together)

Young Astronauts:  While we don’t actually go to outer space (yet), we have the next best thing.  Stanford graduate students visit us once a month to dazzle and amaze us with their knowledge of the solar system, rockets, the four forces of flight, states of matter, and more.  This dynamic program is a third grade treasure and incorporates the design process and principles!

Classroom Events / PartiesTop of Page

  • Bagel Buddy Breakfast - supply bagels, cream cheese and help serve
    (Volunteers: Nasta, Schreier, Klein, Cruz, Garcia, Timons, Weiss, Fisher, Valentine)
  • Halloween (10/31) - supply materials and run a station
    (Volunteers: Lee, Schreier, Nasta, Choati, Huey-Weaver, Weiss, Fisher, Valentine)
  • Thanksgiving (11/21) - supply simple thanksgiving food only 
    (Volunteers: Peiffer, Torres, need more volunteers!)
  • Winter Holiday (12/19 @ 2:40pm) - supply hot chocolate, candy canes, marshmallows, cups
    (Volunteers: Lee, Yarlagadda, Valentine)
  • Valentine’s Day (2/14) - supply cookies only
    (Volunteers: Ahlstrom, Valentine, Schreier, Fisher, Weiss)
  • St. Patrick’s Day (3/16) - supply materials only 
    (Volunteers: Schreier, Nasta, Cruz, Garcia)