On our endless quest for knowledge, we must occasionally venture into the world beyond our classroom.  Visits we have planned to enhance our curriculum are:

Morrison Planetarium at the Academy of Sciences:  Our visit to the largest all-digital planetarium in the world will allow us to observe the most accurate and interactive universe ever created!

Trip Date: TBD

Folger Stables:  We will learn about local Woodside history and participate in some fun hands-on activities during our spring visit to Folger Stables. 

Trip Dates:
White: TBD
Bertine: TBD
McLaughlin: TBD

Young Astronauts:  While we don’t actually go to outer space (yet), we have the next best thing.  Stanford graduate students visit us once a month to dazzle and amaze us with their knowledge of the solar system, rockets, the four forces of flight, states of matter, and more.  This dynamic program is a third grade treasure!