Spelling Homework ActivitiesTop of Page

Rainbow Words- Write your words and trace over them in 2 different colors.

Ransom Words- Cut letters out of newspaper, magazines, or write them out on paper and cut them, then glue them together to build your words.

Hidden Words- Write your words and find hidden words in your words.Ex. that – hat – at

Look/Say/Cover/Write/Check-Follow the steps in order with each spelling word.

Word Search- Create a word search on puzzlemaker.com. Find your words.
Word Hunt- Search for your words in books/texts or around the house. 
Write your words as you find them.

Font-abulous- Type your words in 2 different fonts on the computer.

3 Way Words- Write your words two ways, really big and really small.

Word Boxes- Write your words. Then make boxes around each letter.
Ex. h a p p y
Trace & Spell- Have someone write your words neatly. Trace the words
spelling out each letter in the word.
Spelling Sentences- Write the word, use it in a sentence, write the word.
Ex. named I have a cat named Bangs. cat
Pretest- Take a pretest. Check over each of your words. Write any 
incorrect words 2 times each.
ABC Order- Write your words in abc/alphabetical order.

Challenge ActivitiesTop of Page

17. Silly Riddle Words- Write a riddle for each of your words. Include a clue about how the word is spelled. Solvey our riddles. Ex. The word is 4 letters long. The first letter is b and it rhymes with shark.

18. Word Chains-Write down each spelling word. Change one letter to make a new word. Challenge:See if you can go back to your original word. Ex. cake, lake, late, date,mate, make, cake

19. Crossword Puzzle- Create a crossword puzzle on puzzlemaker.com. Solve it.

20. Word Strategies- Come up with a strategy to help you learn each of your “tricky words”.Ex. B-E-A-U-tiful

21. Syllable Spelling- Write your words breaking them up into syllables.  

Active SpellingTop of Page

22. Spell & Brush- Spell your words while brushing & flossing yourteeth.

23. Spell & Play- Spell your words while playing an instrument.

24. Cheer & Spell- Cheer the spelling of your word.

25. Body Letters- Spell each of your words while making each letter withyour body

26. Word Exercise- Spell your words while doing your favorite exercise

27. Travel Spelling- Spell your words out loud in the car, while riding your bike,or whiletaking a walk.

28. Sing & Spell- Sing a song or chant your spelling words. Ex. Peo-ple, peo-ple

29. Record & Spell- Record yourself spelling your spelling words. Play itagain and spell along. Photobooth is great for this activity. 

30. Air Spelling-Have someone say the word aloud for you. Write it with your finger in the air.  Can you “see” it? Your partner should ask questions like “What is the second letter?”“What is the last letter?”