TK Parents — be sure to bid on our grade's Class Treasure of the TK's "Be Kind" Heart Quadrant Painting in the online auction from May 10 - May 15!  This item will be available to see in person at Open House on may 10th (or is hanging in the classroom). At this year's auction you must bid for EVERYTHING ONLINE, except our Live category which will take place the night of. Fun raffles will be happening through the Live portion of the evening that you won't want to miss!

18251 - TK’s "Be Kind" Heart Quadrant Painting
Inspired by the Hearts of artist Jim Dine, this unique piece of artwork is an expression of the TK student’s love, empathy and friendship. Utilizing tempera paint on a wood 3’ x 3’ canvas, the student’s use of color and brushstrokes creates a vibrant piece and reinforces Transitional Kindergarten's mantra of "Be Kind".
Value: $200
Ms. Virgallito's TK Class of 2018