Hosted by our School Counselor 
& open to all elementary grade students.

  • Lego Club (Tuesdays in the Library): We have a variety of Legos that the kids can make/build either as "stand-alone" items or to "save" and continue as an ongoing project. The kids have the ability to either work alone or together on the things they create and then talk about what they are making. The Legos also provide an opportunity for kids to use their visual/spatial skills as well as to interact with other kids in cooperative/sharing ways. 
  • Game Club (Fridays in the Library):  We have a variety of games that range from "Board" to "Card" level. We also have other types of non-Lego "build it" toys that can be used individually or in cooperation with other students ie. blocks, magnetic connecting toys and maze building toys. The Game club allows for learning cooperative/problem solving skill building as they learn to use either the official game rules or make slight modifications to the existing ones.
  • Dance Club (Thursdays in Rm. 4): Allows for the "free expression" of movement through the Guided Dance videos produced for online use by Go-Noodle. Both boys and girls can be together in a safe space as they learn to move their bodies for exercise and fun as they follow the performer's dance steps/routines. "DJ" Mr. Scott rolls out the tunes!