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First Grade Design Thinking Skill Builder Project

Woodside first graders came to the design lab and were challenged to design a top that would spin as long as possible. They started by using the software program Fusion 360 to 3D design the shapes and sizes of 3 disks. Each disk was then made three different ways: Polylactic Acid (PLA) on the 3D printer here at school and acrylic and wood both done on Parnell Pollioni’s laser cutter. Once made, the students then choose three of the disks they thought would make the top spin the longest. After the tops were assembled and the students practiced spinning their tops we held a spin off in each class (the winners are listed below). These first graders now  have a polished finished product they designed themselves.

  • Ms. Lighty’s Class: Krish for 56 seconds
  • Ms. McAdam’s Class: Molly for 87 seconds
  • Ms. Pierce’s Class: Tie between Audrey and Juliette for 68 seconds