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After learning about the strength in triangles in building structures, our second graders were challenged to design and build the strongest bridge possible using Popsicle sticks and wood glue. Students came to the Design Lab and worked on this design challenge for five sessions. During the sixth session we used a bridge crusher made by Parent Parnell Pollioni. Mr. Pollioni was instrumental in planning, teaching, and supplying material for this challenge. Alex and Calob from Mr. Myrtetus’ class came in first place by building a bridge that maxed out our scale at 440 pounds with a bridge efficiency of more than 779. Rene and Theo built the strongest bridge in Mrs. Faleschini’s class with an efficiency of 699 and first place in Mrs. Griffith’s class was Avery and Will with a bridge efficiency of 428. In future challenges, these second graders will know the importance triangles play in structural strength.  

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