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Students will use design practices to develop their abilities in understanding others, analyzing challenges, and reflecting on their own work.

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Grades TK-2
In these early years, the design program will be working on the development of skills and practices.  In this grade span, students will take part primarily in “Skill Builder” and “Tool Intro” sessions. In the “Skill Builder” sessions students will learn about interviewing, brainstorming, sketching, collaborating, prototyping, and testing. In the “Tool Intro” sessions students will learn how to use a variety of tools including iMovie for iPad, Makerbot’s Printshop, KidPix, Pages, BeeBots, littleBits and TinkerCAD. In addition to “Skill Builder” and “Tool Intro” sessions, each grade will plan one week-long design project that incorporates academic content.
Grades 3-5
In later elementary years, the students are more familiar with design practices and are ready to apply them to more complex projects. The students will work on three different projects, one during each trimester. The project duration will be a total twelve periods and all projects will align with the academic curriculum. Additionally, built into the twelve week period will be a cycle of evaluation and revision to help students develop grit. These projects will incorporate a variety of materials and may include the following technology: littleBits, Sketch, Pages, Adobe Creative Suite, TinkerCAD, SketchUp, iMovie, and DIY Electronics.
Grades 6-8
During middle school students will be taking on year-long projects that incorporate multiple disciplines. The projects will expand on technical skills attained in previous years and engage with the community. In 2016-17 we'll focus on fine-tuning projects for grades 7 and 8. During this school year, 6th grade will participate in the program through elective classes and a la carte projects with teachers. At the 7th-grade level, students will work in pairs or groups on projects that address an issue that the town of Woodside faces. At the 8th-grade level projects will be more independent and students will be able to work on a topic of their choice within San Mateo County. Additionally, students may use the following technologies in their projects: Arduino/Raspberry Pi, HTML/CSS, Adobe Creative Suite, SketchUp, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and InVision.