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Attention Runners!  Mileage Club will be starting Tuesday, October 2 and will be open every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch and recess unless it's raining.

The Mileage Club is a running club designed to foster a love of physical activity and feelings of pride for our elementary student-athletes. Students will run at lunch and recess on the kindergarten field. Students run with their card and get a hole punched for each lap they run. Two cards = 40 laps which is about 5 miles! If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Jones directly. Happy Running!

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5 Miles: 1st Toe Token
  Souta N., Krish A., John T., Zach T., Will K., Kai T., Faris O., Erick H., Cassidy L., Audrey F., Molly S.,
Cass P., Zoya K.
Grace C., Liam E., Sophie B., Olivia P., Charlotte W.
Eleanor S., Ana R.
10 Miles: 2nd Toe Token
  Souta N., Krish A., John T., Will K., Erick H., Audrey F.
Sophie B. Olivia P.
15 Miles: 3rd Toe Token
Krish A., John T., Will K.