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Attention Runners!  Mileage Club has started!
The Mileage Club is a running club designed to foster a love of physical activity and feelings of pride for our elementary student-athletes. Students will run at recess and lunch on the kindergarten field every Tuesday and Thursday.

Students run with their card and get a hole punched for each lap they run. Each card punch represents 2.5 miles and students will earn a Toe Token for every 5 miles completed. Two cards = 40 laps which is about 5 miles! If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Jones directly. Happy Running!

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5 Miles: 1st Toe Token
John T., Will K., Erick H., Simeon O-M, Christopher B., Flynn D., Dane K., Nicky C.
Hodges P., Martin B., Joaquin R., Noa S., Bryson B., Grace S.
Reid C., Carl G., Ana R., Eleanor S.
10 Miles: 2nd Toe Token
John T., Will K
Flynn D