The mission of Physical Education at Woodside School is to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to lead physically active and healthy lives today and in the future.

To be successful in physical education students must:

  • Wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes.  Sandals, Ugg boots, heels, or shoes that do not stay on a child's feet will not be permitted.

If you are unable to participate in PE due to illness or injury the following guidelines are in effect:

  • Exclusion for 1-2 days requires a written note or email from a parent stating the reason why the child should be excused from physical activity.  Please indicate if there are limitations such as, they can walk or run, but can not do upper body exercises due to an injured wrist.  Notes can be dropped off at the school office or hand delivered by the student.

  • Exclusion for 3-10 days requires a note from the doctor explaining the reason why the child should be excused from PE.

  • Even if a child has a note, they are expected to contribute in a positive manner by modifying their participation (ex. walking instead of running) or encouraging classmates.