Congratulations to all the winners of the 2018 Grand Auction Art Contest!

Grand Auction Catalog Cover
Adin H., 8th Grade

Grand Auction Live Program Cover
Zoe and Olivia A., 6th Grade 

Grand Auction Invitation
Meadow L., 2nd Grade

Catalog Back Cover Collage
Christopher B., Pre-K
Will B., 3rd Grade
Sophie D., 6th Grade
Makena H., 4th Grade
Rene J., 2nd Grade
Cora R., Kindergarten
Sofia S., 2nd Grade
Siena S., 2nd Grade
Kayla T. I., 2nd Grade

Live Program Back Cover
Kate C., 7th Grade

Art Exhibited at Grand Auction
Sadie A., 3rd Grade
Cira F., 2nd Grade
Madison K., 3rd Grade
Caitlin H., 2nd Grade
Carter H., 4th Grade
Emma H., Pre K
Gigi S., 6th Grade
Noa S., 1st Grade
Rose S., 3rd Grade
Riley Z., 2nd Grade