Roadway Safety
• Always press the signal and use the crosswalk when walking across Woodside Road to the Sellman and Kinder parking lots.
• Before entering the roadway, double check road lights are flashing and incoming cars are slowing down allowing a safe cross.
• Slow down! The speed limit in a school zone is 25 MPH but please use special caution at drop off and pick up times. 
• Be patient! Stay in your lane and do not pass a stopped car by driving in the bike lane area.
• Observe driving all laws, focus on the road and not on your phone!
• If riding bike to and from school, please wear a helmet that meets CPSC standards and fits properly with straps properly fastened.
• Since we don't have sidewalks in Woodside, it's important that all bikers stay within the bike lanes.
• Walk your bike across busy intersections using the crosswalk, stop at all stop signs and obey traffic rules just as cars do.