...that Woodside School is sending 6 kids to the STEM State level in Los Angeles on April 24 & 25? Compared to all the other schools in San Mateo County, we are sending the most students and three times the number from any other public school in the county! What a testament to our science program and we should be very proud. 

Students who are heading to STATE and title of their projects:

  • Addison Ahlström (8th grade)
    Solar Power for a Bright Future (
    Alternative Energy)

  • Yumi Romano (8th grade)
    Is a Picture Worth 1000 Words? Written vs. Pictorial Input (Cognitive Science)

  • Georgia Hutchinson & Linus Upson (6th graders)
    Material Density and Charged Particle Occurrence in a Cloud Chamber(Physics & Astronomy)

  • Brooke Dombkowski (6th grade)
    Switch Craft: Is the Switch Strategy Still Optimal When the Monte Hall Game Is Expanded to More Than Three Doors? (Mathematical Sciences)

  • Pilar VanHeusden (6th grade) 
    Artificial Turf: The Heat Is On! (Materials Science)