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7th grade English Language Arts and Literature

Week of March 27-
 READ ! Get reading log signed.  Due Mondays!  
Theme essay  on independent reading due FRIDAY.
Tuesday: theme statement due
Wednesday: Writing Plan or Outline due
Thursday: Rough Draft Due - I will not collect this; but will give feedback if you would like.
Friday: Theme Essay due at the start of class.  Have it printed off and paper clipped or stapled together.

Week of March 20
READ ! Get reading log signed.  Due Mondays!  

Week of March 13-17
READ Nightly!  and get your reading logs signed - DUE Mondays!
Grammar Test CH 6: Thursday.
Argument Essay: competitive Sports due Thursday morning.
Min days Thursday and Friday

Week of March 6-10:
READ Nightly!  and get your reading logs signed - DUE Mondays!
Competitive Sports Debate Thursday! Have notes ready!

Week of Feb 27-March 3:
READ Nightly!  and get your reading logs signed - DUE Mondays!

Week of February 20-27; Off! Read!
READ Nightly!  and get your reading logs signed - DUE Mondays!

WEEK of February 13-17:

READ Nightly!  and get your reading logs signed - DUE Mondays!

The Giver Literature Circle assignment due dates:  CH 15-19 due 2/14; CH 20-23 Due 2/16

Grammar Ch 5 test Wednesday; Yes you are permitted one page of notes. Study Guide/Review Test due Wednesday before test.  See Google Classroom for a copy. You may complete online and print off answers if you like or print off first and hand write answers.  




Chap 5-8 due Wednesday;

Chapter 9-14 due Friday;


Week of Jan 30 -

Feature Article due Wednesday 2.1.17


Week of Jan 24th -

No homework due to Science Fair


Week of January 16th:

Monday: off!  MLK day

"Teen Social Issues" feature article  --- due Jan 27th


Week of January 9th

Read nightly and update your reading log; due Friday.

"Tuff Group Project" group due Wednesday Jan 11th




Week of December 5th

Study vocabulary & complete all reading questions for chapters 7-12 by Wednesday 12/7. The Outsiders exam is Wednesday 12/7

We watch the movie on Thursday :) Bring treats!


Week of November 28th:

Read each night!

12/1:  Read over the study guide for The Outsiders final exam; be prepared to ask questions on Thursday.

Study vocabulary; Complete all reading questions for chapters 7-12 by Wednesday 12/7. The Outsiders test Wednesday 12/7

We watch the movie on Thursday! :) Bring treats!


Week of November 21st:  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! gobble gobble!!

Monday: Make sure to have read The Outsiders chapters 5 & 6 for Tuesday; study vocabulary 5 minutes; and work on RRQ's 1-6 - due  NEXT Tuesday 11/29

Tuesday- Friday: Read for fun



Week of November 7th: study for your grammar quiz chapter 3; See Google Classroom for study guide and slideshow.

 Read each night at least 20 minutes

Monday:  Read The Outsiders Finish reading Ch 2 and 3

Tuesday: study for your grammar quiz chapter 3 ;

Wednesday: study grammar; 




Week of October 31th: Read each night at least 20 minutes

Realistic Fiction assignment DUE 11/3: 

Assignment and rubric on Google classroom - bring in edited printed off story on 11/2 for peer review.   We will also publish and assemble booklet in class 11/2 

11/3 Thursday: Finish reading The Outsiders, chapter 1.



Week of October 18th:  


Work on Realistic Fiction story writing 15 min a night




Week of October 10th:


Plot Analysis Project due Wednesday.



Week of October 3rd:

  • Grammar Test Ch 2 Friday
  • Book project #1 due 10.12
  • finish book by 10/9; Assemble notes into your project;
  • Write your paragraphs on each section
  • One period offered - Monday, 10/10 for project work. Bring what you need to class

Monday:  Read! complete pronoun pgs 29-32 Evens only

Tuesday:  Read! Complete Adjective pgs 33-37 Evens only; 

Wed: Read!  "Three Skeleton Key"  assignment due Friday (10/7)  Complete Grammar Review pages 38-41

Thurs: Read! Study for grammar Ch 2 test.



Week of Sept 26th: 


  • The Circuit List #2 Vocab Sentences due Thursday 9/29
  • The Circuit Final Quiz Friday 9/30 - Review vocabulary and reading questions.
  • Grammar: Chapter 2 Quiz Wed 10/5
  • Book project due 10/12;

Monday: Read your RF/HF book; use sticky notes to jot project sections (e., conflict)

Tuesday: read see Monday. ! grammar pps 25-28 EVENs only

Wednesday: read! see Monday. Study for the Circuit exam

Thursday: read!  see Monday.Turn in Vocab Sentences List #2 - Study for The Circuit; 

Friday-Sunday: read your book! see Monday.


Week of September 19th: read nightly; Grammar quiz Wednesday; choose a new fiction book (Realistic Fiction or Historical Fiction - have in class by Friday!.)

Monday: read! complete grammar pps 10-12; 15-16; read chapter 1

Tuesday: read!  Study for grammar test chapter 1;

       1. Recommendation -- Complete CH 1 Practice Test - on Google Classroom; Copy the file, complete it online or print it off. and hand write the answers. Share it with your teacher when you're done or bring assignment to class. You may use the     first page for your classroom notes.

      2. Have in class a new realistic fiction or historical fiction book by Friday.

Wednesday: read! 

Thursday: The Circuit Reading Response Questions 7-12 due Monday per student request.

Friday-Sunday:  Read for fun!!


Week of September 12th  READ NIGHTLY! plus... Study for vocab quiz 1-6 Wednesday; 

Monday: Read! Share the document: "The Circuit" Reading Response Questions 1-6 ; due TUESDAY;  

Tuesday: Read! Study for Vocabulary Quiz; prepare for writing sentences.

Wednesday: Read! Read Chapter 9 in the Circuit.

Thursday: Read!  Complete Chapter 7-12 RRQ by Monday.

Friday - Sunday; Read at least 20 minutes nightly! 



Week of September 6th: Read every night plus ...

Tuesday:  Be prepared to write to a book you are currently reading or have just finished.


Wednesday: Read Chapter 4 in "The Circuit"


Thursday:  Study The Circuit Vocabulary LIST 1 (chapters 1-6). Test next Wednesday.

NOTE - Reading Questions chapter 1-6 due Tuesday.

Friday-Sunday: Please read The Circuit chapters 5 & 6 if you haven't finished them.



Week of August 29th: Read every night plus ...


Tuesday: Finish Quotable Quotes Project paragraph; be ready to present your poster and information to the class.  You may bring in note cards if you would like. See your Google Classroom for information on the project and rubric.



Week of August 23-26th

Read every night!! :)

Get a syllabus signature - due Friday.

Bring your summer reading book and any organizers for Thursday's class.

Collect Writer's Notebook decorations for Friday