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What's going on in Earth Science this month:

August - Welcome back!  First, we completed our lab safety quiz so that no time is wasted getting into an investigation!  We are jumping right into Earth Science with a collaborative project teaching students how to research information, how to cross-reference, and to possibly ignite a passion for our amazing planet.  Our first lab will be exploring topographical mapping!

September: Topographic Mapping and Bathymetric Mapping were incredibly informative, and incredibly fun to learn!  Students learned how to read both types of maps, how professionals use these types of maps, and conducted an investigation exploring the creation of these maps.  If you have a moment, come check out our final products, and you can also see the investigation in your child's INB.  

After we learned about Bathymetry, and reading water depth, we transitioned to learning about the Water Cycle - or as we now know it as the Hydrologic Cycle!  Student explored in zSpace and in a simulation the main stages of the cycle. Also found in the INBs.  

Up next, we are exploring how water transforms Earth's surface through erosion, deposition, an weathering.  We had our first test on Wednesday, the 27th (unfortunately due to Picture Day, we had to postpone our test day as this day can be quite hectic with the student being pulled out of class and different times in the day).  And you guessed it, if you'd like to check out what we're doing, have your child show you their INB.

October: We started October off with an extension investigation into other bodies of water and how they help shape the Earth's surface.  We are focusing on beaches and wetlands with three amazing investigations (and that's just the first week in October...more to come!)