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See what Physical Science is up to this month!

August - Welcome back!  We are jumping right into lab safety so we can start on our first investigation: Density and Buoyancy, and exploring everything about Matter!  Get ready to hear all about our Density Columns!

September - Density and Buoyancy were a huge hit! And, a great way to start off the year applying or Lab Safety Rules.  Students learned about Archimedes, what density relies on, how to calculate buoyant force, how to calculate density, applying what we learned to explain how ships can float but a steel ball will sink, and an introduction to categorizing and classifying properties of matter.

After, we begin our first lesson in Chemical Reactions!  Our first unit is called "Mystery Mixtures."  Students learn how to test and observe mixtures unknown to them, and narrow down possible choices of what could possibly make up our mystery mixture.  Some testing we are doing: combining two substances, combining two substances and adding water, as well as many others.  Students will also be introduced to chemical formulas, chemical names, and common uses for safe substances (like sodium bicarbonate).

October: We started October with a lesson on interviewing.  Interviewing?  Yep!  I had the privilege to teach the 8th graders the first lesson in Interviewing for their Exit Project.  In the coming weeks, they'll move onto other teachers involved in this session, and draft their questions for their site visits (more to come on this!).  Science-related: we have learned so much on how to test mystery substances, and how to tell if a chemical reaction has occurred (and which kinds).  Now, we are learning more specifically which elements make up some of those substances.  We'll learn about the 90 elements that can be found on Earth, as well as the ones that were synthetically discovered in a lab.  Next, we'll take a look at ingredient labels and see which elements are in some of our everyday items.  (We are just getting started here, so there's plenty to update soon!)