Ms. Melissa Bowdoin
Middle School Science
Electives: Doc Film/ZSpace
Room 23
650-851-1571 ext. 1023
Instagram: ms_b_science 
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If you'd like to schedule a meeting with me, please click on my appointment link here.  This will take you to my Google Calendar.  Please be sure to edit the appointment by typing your name so I know who I am meeting with.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Welcome to my website! 

I feel so honored to start my fourth year as a member of your amazing community and to call myself a collaborator of this incredible Middle School team!  I'm sure you're wondering a little bit about me (as I am just as interested and excited to learn about you), so here are a few tidbits of information about me!
My Background:
I hail just south of here, in San Jose and have lived there all my life.  I grew up attending schools in the Cupertino Unified School District and Archbishop Mitty High School.  I attended college at San Jose State University and received my credential at California State University, Monterey Bay.  Currently I am working towards my Masters degree in Education Administration from Santa Clara University.  Before coming to Woodside, I taught first grade in San Jose for seven years.  Within my last school, I worked as the Curriculum Coordinator and assisted as a lead on our Administrative Team.  Some of my additional duties included new teacher mentoring and point person for updates in the California State Standards and Common Core.  Coming to Woodside, I taught 4th grade, and am the Middle School Athletics Director.
Aside from teaching, one of my most favorite things I love to do on a daily basis is stay active!  I'm an avid runner and am now training for my 9th half marathon.  You may see me jogging around the area because I cannot get enough of this beautiful town!  In addition to running, I also enjoy a good SoulCylce class, playing with my 8 year old beagle, Darla, BBQing with my family, taking hikes in our breathtaking foothills and scenic drives to the coast.  But what I'm really looking forward to is starting a new school year as the Middle School Science teacher.
One last thing you should know about me is...I am a sports fanatic!  I follow football (go Niners!), baseball (sorry, Giants fans...go Phillies), hockey (go Sharks!), and when the Olympics come around: swimming, track and field, water polo, soccer, volleyball, and extreme sports like surfing and wakeboarding.
I hope to get to know you and your interests as the year progresses!
Personal Growth:
To prepare myself for the year to come, I've been working diligently in the classroom - setting up, organizing, etc.  Additionally, I've been meeting with previous science teachers and mentors to gain insight and tips for teaching this amazing subject.  Over the summer, I became well-versed in our curriculum series' textbooks and supplemental materials.  I am ready to dive right into our studies!
Throughout my 10 (this year I'll round out my 11th year!) years of teaching I have attended many conferences on classroom management, behavior, communication, best practices and the wide spectrum of teaching methodologies for all subjects.  I thrive on learning as it excites and challenges me.  I am looking forward to instilling the same excitement and dedication in my students.
My Philosophy:
I wholehearted believe that as unique individuals, we possess the qualities and characteristics to learn from one another and challenge our own selves to becoming active members of the classroom and our community.  This is a safe place, not only in the physical aspect, but emotionally and educationally.  We all learn differently - both in method and pace.  Respect and compassion is sought after in my classroom and should be demonstrated on a daily basis.  I open myself up to making sure all students (and parents) feel appreciated, heard, understood and valued.  I will give you my all, and expect your best efforts.
If there are any concerns, please feel free to contact me.  I am always willing to meet, discuss, and assist with any situation.  I absolutely have your child's best interest at heart.