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If a student scores below a 70% on a unit test, he or she may complete test corrections and may earn up to a 70% score.

Directions for Test Corrections:
1.  Ask Mrs. Valentine for the original copy of your test.
2.  For those answers that have been marked incorrect, you must look up the correct answers.
3.  On a separate piece of paper, include the following:
* proper heading
* title the document "Test Corrections for (name of test)"
* number the document with the corresponding numbers of the question(s) you are fixing
* write/type the correct answer for each question
* underneath each answer, include where you found the correct answer (class notes, textbook page number, lecture slides, etc.)
4.  Re-submit the original test copy with your Test Corrections document.  Test corrections will not be accepted without the original copy of the test.
5.  Test corrections must be submitted no later than a week from the original test date