Woodside Middle School is the upper school of the single school Woodside School District. Located in Woodside, CA, the Woodside School District serves approximately 400 TK-8th grade students. The 6th-8th grade Middle School program offers its 130 students an outstanding, well-balanced 21st century education.
Woodside Middle School seeks to enable all of its students to achieve their full potential as an engaged citizen of the 21st century global community. Offering rigorous academics, a variety of arts and language programs, and robust Design and Social-Emotional Learning work, Woodside Middle School is at the forefront of 21st century curriculum and instruction. The school actively cultivates executive functioning capabilities in its students, preparing students for success in high school and beyond. Through active collaboration with teachers, parents, and the vibrant local community, Woodside Middle School prepares its students to be curious, enthusiastic, and self-motivated learners as a foundation for future academic and life success.
Woodside School is committed to the whole child. Middle School students take the core subjects such as English-Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Mandarin or Spanish, and Physical Education. They are encouraged to develop and pursue a passion for the arts in addition to a robust academic program. All Middle School students study Art on a weekly basis, and are invited to choose from a wide variety of music classes. Semi-weekly Social-Emotional Learning and Design Thinking opportunities compliment the bi-weekly elective classes in rounding out the Middle School program.