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Just wanted to highlight the great social growth we've been witnessing. Wonderful to see children making connections and learning how to communicate with one another. We really focus on social-emotional development at Woodside Preschool and especially in the Preschool Classroom.


There's nothing more important or relevant they can learn at this age than how to express themselves and how to listen to and learn to respect one another. In a play-based setting like ours, it all happens naturally with the unending support of the teachers. 


During play, children also increase their social competence and emotional maturity. Smilansky and Shefatya (1990) contend that school success largely depends on children’s ability to interact positively with their peers and adults.

Play is vital to children’s social development. It enables children to do the following:

  • Practice both verbal and nonverbal communication skills by negotiating roles, trying to gain access to ongoing play, and appreciating the feelings of others (Spodek & Saracho, 1998).
  • Respond to their peers’ feelings while waiting for their turn and sharing materials and experiences (Sapon-Shevin, Dobbelgere, Carrigan, Goodman, & Mastin, 1998; Wheeler, 2004).
  • Experiment with roles of the people in their home, school, and community by coming into contact with the needs and wishes of others (Creasey, Jarvis, & Berk, 1998; Wheeler, 2004).
  • Experience others’ points of view by working through conflicts about space, materials, or rules positively (Smilansky & Shefatya, 1990; Spodek & Saracho, 1998).