Dear 2nd Students and Parents:
I am hoping all of you are safe and feeling well! As WES is now in distance learning mode of teaching, I have created a Music Lesson webpage.  Please check this page every Monday and Thursday that our school is in-session online by noon to find the newest music lesson at the bottom of the page.  2nd receives music twice a week and every other Wednesday. The Wednesday lessons are every other week, so I will add extra bonus music lessons which are optional.
 Lesson one is to prepare the students for our end-of-the-school assembly. Please note this 1st lesson should be reviewed every week so that your student is able to memorize these songs.
Link to 2nd MUSIC ONLINE - Dr. D's lessons:
Please let me know if your child or you have any questions or any issues seeing this website.
Take care,
Dr. Kara Ireland D’Ambrosio

2nd Grade Music

2nd graders have music twice a week for 43 min each and every other week they have an SEL/Music class for 43 minutes on Wednesdays. We explore melody, rhythm. form, expression, and improvisation through singing, dancing, and playing pitched and un-pitched musical instruments.  We also explore performance skills & managing performance anxiety through our concert. 

The 2nd graders have their special musical performance on
Wednesday, January 22, 2019 at 1:00pm in Sellman. 

Google Folder Link:

If you don't have gmail you may need to email me for access.

Google Folder Contains:

1/ most updated script (with YouTube links for rehearsing)
2/ MP3 of songs w/ singers (practice tracks)
3/ SEL strategies we have been incorporating into the practices

Also- we will be adding updates - so this script is the most updated version to use to practice from - so please check back to make sure your child is practicing the most updated version.