Dear 3rd Students and Parents:
I am hoping all of you are safe and feeling well! As WES is now in distance learning mode of teaching, I have created a Music Lesson webpage.  Please check this page every Monday and Thursday that our school is in-session online by noon to find the newest music lesson at the bottom of the page.  3rd receives music twice a week and every other Wednesday. The Wednesday lessons are every other week, so I will add extra bonus music lessons which are optional.
 Lesson one is to prepare the students for our end-of-the-school assembly. Please note this 1st lesson should be reviewed every week so that your student is able to memorize these songs.
Link to 3rd MUSIC ONLINE - Dr. D's lessons:
Please let me know if your child or you have any questions or any issues seeing this website.
Take care,
Dr. Kara Ireland D’Ambrosio

Third graders have music twice a week for 43 min each and every other week they have an SEL/Music class for 43 minutes on Wednesdays. We explore melody, rhythm. form, expression, and improvisation through singing, dancing, and playing pitched and un-pitched musical instruments.  Our focus instrument is learning to play the C Major Diatonic Harmonica (10 hole) and folk dancing. We also explore performance skills & managing performance anxiety through our concert. 

Harmonica Concert & Music Performance w/ 1st Graders
December 13, 2019 at 1 PM in Sellman

May Day
May 2, 2019 (Saturday)

2018 Music Performance — "Tooth Fairies"Top of Page

  • Wednesday, January 23, 2019
    1pm in Sellman (doors open at 12:45pm) 

    Dear 3rd Families:
    Wow - what an amazing start to 3rd grade music. The students have been very busy bees writing their own scenes to be "Tooth Fairies in the 1st Grader musical - "Pajama Party!"   The script (with assigned parts - their names in the script) will be sent home in the homework folders this or next week. Please help your kids work on memorizing their lines & lyrics to the songs!  I am so very proud of the way your beautiful kids are working together. We started this concert work & harmonica with an SEL check in.  We talked about our excitement & anxiety around preparing a huge production.  We have worked every week on Performance Anxiety regulation techniques!  I have shared some of these in the Google Drive below.  Together we have set educational and emotional goals to provide all students with equal access to a safe environment to share their talents with each other & soon....with you!  (Concert is January 23, 1 PM in Sellman)

    Google Folder Link

    Google Folder Contains:
    1/ most updated script (with MP3 Folder for rehearsing) & I'll add Harmonica songs once we have chosen them in Dec.
    2/ MP3 of songs w/ singers (practice tracks)
    3/ SEL strategies we have been incorporating into the practices

    Also- we will be adding updates - so this script is the most updated version to use to practice from - so please check back to make sure your child is practicing the most updated version. 

    Costumes for January 23 performance:

    • All boys - black pants & white button up collared dress shirt, please
    • All Girls - White Blouse & white leggings - preferable white leggings to the knee or shorter.
    • These "kids clothes/under clothes" costumes are the exact same as for the MAY DAY. However, the costume I give them to go on top of this basic start will be fairy items.

    Results from the 3rd MAY DAY Survey:
    I'm excited to update you on the 3rd Grade MAY DAY survey results.  Almost everyone responded - THANK YOU! And almost everyone volunteered to help with either set up, break down, rehearsals, and/or costume-sewing!! Thank you for your generosity of time & energy!!  The traditional costume was voted the costume most of you wanted.  I have already met with an amazing team of sewers who are creating new skirts, cummerbunds, ties/scarfs in the traditional style as most were worn out or ruined from 25+ years of use.  Thank you sewing team!!