2021 WES Book Fair
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2021 Woodside Elementary School Book Fair
March 15-28, 2021
Hosted by Linden Tree Books

Welcome to the Woodside Book Fair, hosted by Linden Tree Books!
Hi, all! In a year of reevaluating how to do pretty much everything, We're delighted that we can still have a book fair. Though, of course, it looks a little different. We are so grateful to Linden Tree Books of Los Altos for hosting our fair! We will earn 15% of all purchases, which will allow us to buy new books for the library!
When: March 15-28
Where: Online AND in-store. You may purchase books online HERE, or you may visit the store (265 State Street, Los Altos, CA 94022) during working hours (12-6pm weekdays; 10-4pm weekends). You may also make a private shopping appointment through the website (find a green link to make an appt in the bottom right corner of the site).
Book Recommendation Videos — Need a book suggestion? Check out these helpful videos offering grade-appropriate book recommendations created by Linden Tree Books Events Manager, Mary Sheila McMahon!
NEW! Donation Opportunities: If you should like to donate to your child's grade, our school library, or the Ravenswood Educational Foundation, click on the blue TEACHER WISH LISTS box to find those individual donation links. Any donation to your child's grade, school library or Ravenswood will allow those teachers to purchase books of their own choosing. 
IMPORTANT: This is vital — in order for our school to receive credit, you must indicate that you are purchasing for the Woodside Book Fair when you check out. If you are purchasing online, there is a place to list our school name on the checkout page. If you are buying in-person, please inform the cashier. 
Thank you for supporting the Woodside School library and Linden Tree Books!