March 24-26, 2021
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From Principal Bowdoin —

Lower School (TK-4th Grade) 
Similar to last time we shifted to Distance Learning, because teachers will be leaving to make their appointments at different times in the day, students will engage in a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Please be sure to check your child’s educational platform (Google Classroom/SeeSaw) for your child’s schedule. This schedule will direct your child to navigate their synchronous and asynchronous learning. Students are expected to log onto their teacher’s Zoom link at 8:25am for synchronous learning time. If your child’s teacher has their vaccine appointment at the start of our school day, your child will engage in asynchronous work during that time, and jump on Zoom with their teacher when indicated on your child’s schedule. 

Students will take all of the supplies they’ll need to be successful with distance learning today at dismissal. For any student who is absent the day their class is taking supplies home, please pick up your child’s supplies in the school office the following morning.  

Dismissal Times
The Lower School students are expected to follow their in-person schedules as close as possible while in distance learning. Wednesday will be a 2:05pm dismissal for 1st-4th grade, 1:30pm for Kinder, and 1:00 pm for TK. Thursday and Friday will be a 2:30 pm dismissal for 1st-4th, 2:00pm dismissal for Kinder, and a 1:00pm dismissal for TK.