Recommendations for Parent-Teacher ConferencesTop of Page

Parent-teacher conferences are approaching. These conferences provide a time for parents and guardians to connect with the classroom teacher and it's a time to come together and discuss a common goal: to help your child thrive and learn. Below are some simple ways you can prepare for this upcoming teacher conference:
  • Observe your child doing homework — This will give you a chance to notice issues that my need to be addressed. Observe how he/she is responding to the assignments.
  • Ask for your child’s feedback — Casual conversations about school can give you some insight into your child’s attitude towards school.
  • Bring a list of questions to the conference — Come prepared so that you don’t forget to ask the questions you have. Ask for specific suggestions as to how you can help with the recommended growth areas.
  • Take notes — Jot down answers to your questions and any teacher thoughts or suggestions.
  • Keep in touch — At the conclusion of the conference, find out the best way to stay in contact: email, phone calls, or schedule a follow-up conference.