Ravenswood School Art Supply Drive


If you are interested in helping to supply one of the underfunded schools in the Ravenswood School District with much needed art supplies for their Art program, please click the following link: Costano School Art Supply Drive. Please contact Julie Mandia (juliemandia@yahoo.com) with any questions.

The background: Several members of the WES Community have been working with the Ravenswood  Education Foundation (REF) to find ways that we can help the teachers and students of the Ravenswood  School District gain access to much needed supplies and services.  One of the opportunities to help is by providing supplies to support their Art Program.

We have been matched with the Art Teacher for Costano School who has given me a list of supplies needed.  In order to reduce shipping and admin time, I am going to make 1 large purchase based on the responses and deliver all supplies in 1 delivery.  Once you select the supplies you wish to donate, you can pay using credit or debit card.  Disclosure:  The fund will go directly to my personal bank account but I assure you it will ALL go into buying the supplies.  

THANK YOU in advance for your support....the teachers and students truly appreciate it!!!