2023-24 Parking / Drop Off / Pick Up Info
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Parking/Drop Off/Pick Up/Safety

Maintaining a safe campus during school hours with students on campus and in classrooms is vital, especially with a very open campus. WES will continue with its drop-off procedures, where only students and staff are permitted on the campus before the school day begins.  Drop-off points for students to enter the campus remain by the main school office, the gate located by the 1st grade classrooms, and the entrance to the upper school by the Sellman parking lot.  
This will guarantee that when school begins at 8:25 a.m., only students and staff are allowed within the school grounds.  Visitors are welcome if warranted; however, any individual who is not a student or staff member must be registered with the office as a visitor and wear a badge.  From a safety standpoint, we must know every individual on our campus at any given time.   
For drop-off, once the school day ends (either 3:10 p.m.- M, T, Th, & F, 2:30 p.m. - Wednesdays, or 12:30 p.m. for minimum days) parents are allowed onto the campus to pick up their students and the campus will be open, but not until the final bell of the school day.  Unfortunately, we cannot have parents, nannies, etc. pick up students, play on the play structures, etc. until that final bell rings.   
If you plan to drive your child to school:
We will have two designated locations to drop your child off and pick up after school by car. Please don’t leave your vehicle unattended. 
Office Drop-Off Lane: Use the lane nearest the school office, drive all the way up to the lead car, put your car in park, and have your child exit the car (or you can step out to unbuckle if needed). Two or three cars can offload students at a time. Those who do not need to use this “Drop Off” lane or need to pull out and around other cars should use the lane closest to Woodside Road to exit the school. Do not allow students to exit vehicles from this second lane.

Sellman Drop Off Lane: A second “drop off/pick up” area will be provided in the Sellman parking lot. All families wishing to use the Drop Off lane in Sellman will pull into the Sellman parking lot and follow the lane closest to the curb, all the way to the end or to the last car in line. Once you pull up as far up as you can, place your car in park, and have your child unbuckle and exit the car. Please continue through the lane to exit the parking lot. Those who do not need to use the “Drop Off Lane” or need to pull out and around other cars should use the second lane to exit the Sellman parking lot. Please do not let students out of the car from this second lane. 
Please discuss with your child where you plan to pick up after school.