The History of Operetta at Woodside School
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George Sellman Plaque                    Operetta Plaque
Plaque on left: Presented by the community at the dedication of the new Sellman Pavilion in 2016.
Plaque on right: Presented by the 2017 WES 8th grade class to the Woodside School. 

(1958 - 2018)

One of the most enjoyable Woodside traditions is the annual eighth grade Operetta. Each year’s new musical production is a farewell performance by the eighth grade for the community. This long tradition is often viewed by graduates as one of the most rewarding experiences of their Woodside School years. The bonds that students develop throughout the journey help solidify relationships and memories that will last for the rest of their lives.

When George Sellman, former teacher and superintendent, joined the school in 1957, he established the tradition that every 8th grade student would be in the school musical. He asked parents to help build sets and make costumes and then invited the whole town to come to watch the show. Operetta brings the community of Woodside together to celebrate the many talents of our students. The tradition of Operetta is alive, well and cherished at Woodside Middle School today.

In 2017, many community volunteers came together and collected the programs from all of the Operettas performed at Woodside. With the help of school records, donated materials from the Sellman family, the Woodside History Committee and scores of community members, we have produced this page to honor the hard work of all the Operetta Directors, Producers, and cast members since 1958.

This information was collected through the best efforts of all the volunteers who worked on the project. If you have any additional materials to add or notice any errors or omissions, please let us know by emailing Michelle A.

Add missing Operetta titles: 

1959 - In Grand Old Switzerland
1960 - An Old-Fashioned Girl