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Woodside School District comprises a private preschool, a public TK through 4th grade Lower School, and a public 5th grade through 8th grade Upper School. We are led by a team of administrators that serve as both school and district personnel. Our school is well supported by our Board of Trustees, the Woodside School Foundation, and PTA.

We are located in Woodside, CA, a vibrant small town nestled between San Francisco and San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley and a stone’s throw from Stanford University. Through active collaboration with teachers, parents, and our engaged local community, Woodside School provides a well-rounded preschool through 8th grade education that prepares our students to be curious, enthusiastic, and self-motivated learners, building the foundation for future success in academics and beyond. Woodside School strives to be a model public school and center of educational excellence that enables each student to achieve his or her full potential as an active, global citizen of the 21st Century.

Our Core Values
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  • Pursue academic excellence
  • Encourage each child to achieve his or her full potential
  • Respect the individual talent, needs, and learning styles of each child
  • Value experiential learning, the arts, music, physical education, and world language(s) as vital elements of our core curriculum
  • Attract, support, and inspire highly motivated, talented, and creative teachers
  • Foster communication and collaboration among teachers, parents, administrators, and the School Board
  • Encourage innovation, intellectual risk-taking, and a life-long love of learning
  • Celebrate the imagination, humor, and compassion inherent in all children
  • Treasure the sense of community that our school and campus provides
  • Seek constant improvement of our school and its programs
  • Encourage compassion for others through community and global service and outreach

What Sets Us Apart
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  • An average CLASS SIZE of 18 students, significantly lower than the state average, increasing individual attention
  • Innovative and award-winning MUSIC classes where students learn to read and write music, sing, and play an instrument
  • ART class once a week and PHYSICAL EDUCATION two to three times each week
  • An integrated design thinking program in our new DESIGN LAB provides students with regular opportunities to use design thinking strategies to enhance core curriculum concepts and skills
  • A professionally staffed LIBRARY, where the dedicated librarian meets weekly with K-6 students to discuss and recommend level-appropriate literature
  • A variety of state-of-the-art TECHNOLOGIES, including tablets, 3D printers, laptop computers, digital cameras, and SMARTboards
  • A high-quality SCIENCE program taught using the award-winning FOSS and CPO Science curricula
  • GLOBAL LANGUAGE instruction in Spanish and Mandarin beginning in 5th grade
  • EARLY LITERACY programs for grades K-6, taught by credentialed reading specialists
  • A SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING (SEL) program which enhances a nurturing school environment
  • Outstanding EARLY INTERVENTION programs that support students in math, reading and learning strategies
  • Hands-on OUTDOOR EDUCATION, for all grade levels