One of the most enjoyable Woodside traditions is the annual eighth grade Operetta. Each spring, the Operetta stars the entire eighth grade. Each year’s new musical production is a lovely farewell from the eighth grade to the entire school. The proceeds help pay for the various eighth grade activities as well as provide a special class gift for the school. 

This decades long tradition is often viewed by graduates as the most rewarding experience of their Woodside School years.  The bonds that students develop throughout the journey help solidify relationships and memories that will last for the rest of their lives. Operetta also brings the community of Woodside together to celebrate the hard work, tradition, and many talents of our students. FIND MORE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE OPERETTA HERE. 

For very detailed information regarding Operetta and what an 8th grade student can expect as they approach Graduation, please visit the 8th Grade Countdown.