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10.1.18 WW Edition
DID YOU KNOW ... which WES 8th grader is one of 30 finalists in the nation’s top STEM contest? Learn more HERE


5.1.17 WW Edition
DID YOU KNOW...that the Woodside May Day Parade started 95 yrs ago? Woodside cherishes its annual traditions, like the May Day Parade, started in 1922 and requires an official closure of State Highway 84.  

4.24.17 WW Edition
DID YOU KNOW...that Woodside School is sending 6 kids to the STEM State level in Los Angeles on April 24 & 25? Compared to all the other schools in San Mateo County, we are sending the most students and three times the number from any other public school in the county! What a testament to our science program and we should be very proud. 

Students who are heading to STATE and title of their projects:

  • Addison Ahlström (8th grade)
    Solar Power for a Bright Future (Alternative Energy)
  • Yumi Romano (8th grade)
    Is a Picture Worth 1000 Words? Written vs. Pictorial Input (Cognitive Science)
  • Georgia Hutchinson & Linus Upson (6th graders)
    Material Density and Charged Particle Occurrence in a Cloud Chamber (Physics & Astronomy)
  • Brooke Dombkowski (6th grade)
    Switch Craft: Is the Switch Strategy Still Optimal When the Monte Hall Game Is Expanded to More Than Three Doors? (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Pilar VanHeusden (Materials Science)
    Artificial Turf: The Heat Is On!