Woodside School Board Member Claire Pollioni

Claire Pollioni — President
Claire and her family have lived in Woodside since 2004 and she was elected to the Woodside Elementary school board in 2013. Claire has four children all of whom have attended Woodside Preschool and Woodside Elementary School. 

Prior to being elected to the school board, Claire was actively involved with the Woodside School PTA for 9 years including 4 years on the PTA board. She is currently a board member of both the San Mateo County School Boards Association and the Common Ground Speaker Series. Claire and her family are dedicated to volunteerism and are involved with Alpine Little League, Portola Valley Pony Club and the Village Hub. Claire graduated from UC Berkeley in 1993.

Woodside School Board Member Marc Tarpenning

Marc Tarpenning — Vice President
Marc and his family have lived in Woodside since 2001 and he has served on the Woodside Elementary school board since 2009. Their three children started at Woodside Elementary in Pre-K and continued through two 8th grade operettas, with the 2019 Operetta still to come.  His interests on the board include science, technology and school history.

Marc has co-founded two successful companies and worked with many different startups over the years. He sits on the Science Learning Advisory Board at Foothill College, is an elected member of the County Commission on School District Organization, is a Trustee of Innovate Public Schools, a non-profit dedicated to improving low performing schools in the Bay Area, and is an Advisor to SkyDeck, UC Berkeley’s entrepreneur accelerator program. He is a frequent guest speaker on sustainability and entrepreneurship at various universities and professional associations. Marc holds a degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. 

Woodside School Board Member Jen Zweig

Jennifer Zweig — Clerk
Ms. Zweig has three children currently attending Woodside School. In addition to her work on the parcel tax campaign, she has served on the school's site council, on the board of the Woodside School Foundation and on the PTA board. She also has volunteered as a room parent and in the school garden.

Ms. Zweig has a bachelor's degree in government from Harvard College, and worked in the Boston public school system during her undergraduate years on creating and piloting a conflict resolution curriculum. She also worked as an investment banking analyst for four years.

Ms. Zweig stated that she and her husband "feel extremely lucky to have found Woodside and WES because this town, its school and its parents create an inspiring, welcoming and comfortable home for us as parents."
Woodside School Board Member Silvia Edwards

Silvia Edwards — Trustee
My husband and I moved to Woodside in 2005 because we wanted to send our children to Woodside Elementary School. I first learned about Woodside when I was an undergraduate at Stanford University. After completing my law studies, I served as a DeputyAssistant U.S. Attorney in Northern Virginia before returning to the Bay Area to start a family.  

The California School Boards Association states that the Board of Trustees must act “collectively and openly, [and] be guided by community interests.” and I take this principle to heart in my job as a trustee of Woodside Elementary School.   

Woodside is an exceptional place to live, and the District’s children are its most treasured asset. Our school boasts small class size, a rich curriculum and dedicated teachers. As a board member, I will continue to strive to collaborate with staff, administration, parents and the community to continue Woodside Elementary School’s tradition of excellence.

Woodside School Board Member Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson — Trustee
Kevin and his family have lived in Woodside since 2006 and he was elected to the Woodside Elementary School Board in 2011. Kevin has three children, all of whom have attended Woodside Elementary School. 

Kevin is a partner at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan, LLP. He serves as a lead counsel for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups including Samsung, salesforce, Twist Bioscience, Twitter, Sony, Blackberry, Lifesize and Fitbit. Kevin is a trustee of SFMOMA and sits on the board of the engineering college at Cornell.