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School Counselor
(650) 851-1571 ext. 1338

Ms. Elizabeth Rosas is currently in her 9th year at Woodside and began this year in a new position as Woodside School’s counselor. She recently graduated with a Master’s degree in counseling and is currently working toward her MFT license. Ms. Rosas started The Lunch Bunch Group, a program that strives to support and build confidence for students who have experienced difficulties at recess through the process of forming new friendships. In addition, she has helped those students learn essential social skills. Ms. Rosas brings a mental health perspective and an understanding of the challenges that today's students experience in the classroom. She also provides tool and techniques that students, faculty, and administration can use to support mental health and academic achievement. Ms. Rosas' goal for the 2016-17 school year is to provide more programs and services that allow each student to achieve school success in a safe and nurturing environment. Please feel free to contact her at or (650) 851-1571 ext. 1338.