Headshot of Nicole MacNaughton, teacher

Ms. Nicole MacNaughton (Substitute Teacher)

With a Hungarian aristocratic mother who escaped to America in 1956 and a father who is an academic and also studies shamanism with Central and South American indigenous people, I was raised to be comfortable moving between cultures. I am driven to learn more about the world and increase my understanding of different ways of being. I believe that travel allows me to improve understanding in the world.

Waking up in a new land and seeing it in the morning sunlight is one of my cherished experiences. I have been lucky to call so many places home over my lifetime: Marin, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Biarritz and I have visited many more.

After studying psychology and theater, I worked producing events in the Action Sports Industries, selling high end real estate and investment properties in Marin, worked as an actress in the LA entertainment industry, and produced and organized events and marketing for an environmental non-profit that I co-founded.

Frequent trips to England have stoked my desire to learn more about English culture, history and the unique English character. I started to represent Cowdray after staying in the manor numerous times.

I currently live in the rural Bay Area with my husband and our two boys who are also passionate explorers.