August 2020 — Extra 2019-20 Yearbooks
If you did not order a yearbook last year but would like one now, you will be able to purchase one (limit one per family) on August 31st. If interested, please contact Tina Adolph in the front office to have your name added to a list of interested parties. If we don’t have enough for all requests, we’ll hold a raffle. 

UPDATE! 2019-20 Yearbooks Delay
Unfortunately, the plant that produces our yearbooks is closed due to COVID-19 so the yearbooks will be distributed over the summer. We will let you know when and how to collect them.


2019-2020 YEARBOOK 
This year’s Yearbook is on sale now for $35. Please place your order online — see directions below. We will not be ordering extras to sell in June, so please make sure to get your order in before the deadline.  
Fill out the student information, please include grade and classroom teacher for TK-5 or ELA teacher for middle school students.