2017-18 WSF Board MembersTop of Page

Board of Directors is comprised of parents who donate their time and energy to support the Foundation's efforts.
President: Jason Krikorian
VP: Christine Hutchinson
Treasurer: Brian Dombkowski
Secretary: Olivia Zwaanstra
Craig Adams — Communications Chair
Michelle Ahlström — Communications
Victoria Bailey* — Community Partners, Investment Chair
Meghan Clark — Auction, Office Operations Liaison
Staci Cole — Auction, Development
Robyn Cornyn — Auction 
Brian Dombkowski — Community Partners, Investment, Treasurer
Scottie Durrett — Auction
Chandler Evans — Auction, Annual Fund Co-Chair, Development
Jeff Gould — Audit Chair, IT/Security, Insurance, Legal
Jenny Hayden — Auction, Development
Julia Hinshaw — Auction  
Christine Hutchinson — Auction, Development, JCOP, Vice President
Alana Jacobson — Auction
Marshall Koch — Annual Fund Co-Chair, Community Partners, Development
Jason Krikorian — Development, Investment, JCOP, President
Amy Lattof — Communications
Dana Meade — Auction Chair
Amanda Peiffer* — Auction, Development
Karen Poole* — Auction, Communications, Development
Eva Schreier* — Auction, Development
Julie Sequeira* — Auction, Audit, Development
Jenn Wall — Audit, Communications
Melissa Zdrodowski — Auction, Communications
Olivia Zwaanstra — Auction, Secretary
Office Staff
Karen Fleck — Office Manager
Dee Simonelli — Information Technology
Jan Sager — Bookkeeper 
School Staff
Kathy Jones — Woodside School Faculty Representative
Community Members
Lars Ahlström — Investment
Jason Bogardus — Investment
Jay Bartels — Audit
Cully Davis — Investment
Yvette Ma —Audit
Frank Timons — Investment
* New in 2017-2018

The Board recognizes and thanks the following retiring members for their years of dedication, hard work and generosity: Clare Corcoran, Andy Poppink, Kelly Sallin, Nicole Sheehan and Nick Triantos.  Jen Zweig has since joined the Woodside School Board.