2020-21 WSF Board of DirectorsTop of Page

Board of Directors is comprised of parents who donate their time and energy to support the Foundation's efforts.

Chandler Evans — President
Christine Hutchinson — Vice President
Amanda Peiffer — Treasurer
Melissa Zdrodowski — Secretary


Victoria Bailey
Amberlee Butler *
Rachael Bowman
Joel Butler
Meghan Clark
Staci Cole
Scottie Durrett
Chandler Evans
Tricia Hershberg *
Chris Iverson *
Erik Larson *
Melissa Land *
Beth Nash *
Tory Patterson *
Amanda Peiffer
Melissa Petkov *
Claire Pollioni
Karen Poole
Cat Porten
Julie Sequeira
Jennifer Skarakis *
Jenn Wall
Melissa Zdrodowski
Olivia Zwaanstra

Office Staff
Jeanne Connolly — Office Manager *
Kari Daheb — Information Technology *
Jan Sager — Bookkeeper 
School Staff
Kathy Jones — Woodside School Faculty Representative
Community Members
Lars Ahlström — Investment
Jason Bogardus — Investment
Jay Bartels — Audit
Cully Davis — Investment
Oliver Evans — Investment
Jason Krikorian — Investment
Yvette Ma —Audit
Frank Timons — Investment
* New in 2020-2021

Retiring Board Members
Craig Adams, Alana Jacobson, Christina Hengehold, Christine Hutchinson & Eva Schreier
The Woodside School Foundation Board would like to thank these retiring members for their extraordinary dedication and generosity. On behalf of all Woodside School students, parents, teachers, and staff, we recognize and appreciate the following members for their leadership and contributions to the Foundation and the school.

We also thank Dee Simonelli and Karen Fleck for all their years of dedicated work in the WSF office.