For all parties purchased post-auction, please drop a check payable to Woodside School Foundation in the foundation mailbox located in the school office.  Please include the catalog number on your check. We will add your name to the winning bidder list and notify the hosts.  Thank you!
For descriptions of the parties, extra copies of the 2017 Out of this World Catalog is available in the school office or foundation office.

Events in 2018Top of Page

Event Date Catalog Number Catalog Title Spaces Available Category Price

01/21/2018 1703 Lip Sync Battle - Woodside Style 17 Family Fun  $190 per family
01/31/2018  1315 TED Woodside: Miss Representation   36 Adults Only   $40 per person
02/10/2018 1303 Jazz at the Bubble Lounge 40 Adults Only  $100 per person
03/23/2018 2214 Skate Your Way to Mars 31 Kids Only  $50 per person
 03/30/2018  2228 3rd Grade Private Movie Screening   39  Kids Only  $50 per person
04/21/2018 1302 Plaid, Denim and Ribs, Oh My! 29 Adults Only  $250 per person
05/05/2018 1304 Out of the 50 States Salsa Party SOLD OUT Adults Only  $50 per person
Event Date TBD Catalog Number Catalog Title Spaces Available Category Price

TED Woodside: Marketing and Branding
in the Digital Age
38 Adults Only  $40 person
1705 TED Woodside: Pioneering the Tech Landscape 89 Family Fun  $40 per person