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Safe Routes To School (SR2S)
Help us Make SR2S a Reality in Woodside


Please help support our efforts to create safe routes to school in Woodside.  Our kids face increasing risks crossing Canada Road, Mountain Home Road, Woodside Road and many local roads that are increasingly dangerous due to the “Waze-effect” of commuter traffic getting rerouted through Woodside.  Every day kids are at high risk (as are equestrians and bicyclists).  We can make change with your support and as a community coming together on this issue.  Please see the attached petition which we will present to the Town Council in the coming weeks.  WE NEED YOUR VOTE, YOUR SPOUSE'S VOTE, GRANDMA'S VOTE; every vote counts and helps illustrate the support for SR2S in our community!   PLEASE SUPPORT SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL!   

Link to petition