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The Middle School's Community Service Class is teaming up with the Village Hub to help the victims of the recent fires in Sonoma in fourways:

Card-Making Party this Thursday October 26; 12:30-2pm; Village Hub
Help make cards for the Sonoma fire victims. We will put a gift card in each of the cards to send up to those who are suffering great loss. Bring your lunch to the Hub Courtyard at 12:30pm. If you'd like to bring cookies or fruit to share with the card-makers, that is welcome!

Gift Cards: To help with daily life, students are collecting gift cards to deliver to the fire victims in hand-made cards. Please drop off gift cards (Target, Starbucks, HomeDepot, etc.) in the school office by Thursday, Nov. 2. Once all the cards are collected, they will be delivered to shelters in Sonoma County.

Fundraiser Breakfast: On Friday, November 3rd from 7:30-8:15am at the Village Hub, WES Middle School students will be making and selling breakfast foods for all to enjoy before the school day starts. Please plan to attend, as all proceeds will go directly to the fire victims. Thank you!

Direct Donation: Or, if you would prefer to make a financial donation to Peace Builders and to learn more about this organization, click HERE.

Questions? Please contact Sharon LaCrosse