2018 Town of Woodside 
Summer Adult Community Coed Softball League

The Woodside Recreation Committee is looking for new softball players to add to the existing teams for our Summertime Adult Community Coed Softball league!

Schedule: One game a week is played at 6pm McCovey Field at Woodside Elm, Monday through Friday, starting end of June and ends beginning of September.

Requirements: Must be 30 years old or older and be a Woodside affiliate (live in Woodside, kids go to school at Woodside Elementary or pre-school, work for the town, the schools or businesses in Woodside). 

We encourage family members to apply together, as most teams have both husband and wife on the team.  This is a fun league.  For more information, go to http://www.woodsiderec.net, email rmainz@mbg.com or call Richard Mainz (415-269-0434).