Image of Preschool Director Tom
From Tom Limbert,
Woodside Preschool Director:
Greetings and welcome to Woodside Preschool’s home on the web. Thanks for your interest. Woodside Preschool, founded in the fall of 1991, has a long and rich history of providing children and their families with thoughtful support and care. We moved into a gorgeous new building in the Fall of 2015 with lots of natural light and two adjoining, inviting classrooms. We are so fortunate to be nestled on the lovely campus of Woodside Elementary School. Part of what makes this school special is the amazing resources on campus that our children get to enjoy. The Pre-K enjoys visits to the library, the garden, the science lab, and the design lab every year. Of course, our classrooms are mini libraries, gardens, science labs, and design labs each and every day.
Another aspect of our school worthy of highlighting is our philosophy. We are proud to offer children and their families a play-based program. My favorite characteristic of play-based early childhood programs is that they fundamentally treat young children with respect. We are essentially inviting children to play, explore and create–to do what comes naturally to them. We understand the value of play and our teachers are careful observers and students of our children’s play–always looking for ways to extend and scaffold learning opportunities.
We know that young children need warm support and guidance. We balance our attention to their social-emotional needs as well as their questions, interests and ideas. While we understand the value of play and focus daily on social-emotional development, we also know where our children are headed. We monitor and support their development cognitively and academically and make sure they are getting opportunities to develop skills that will help make their next educational transition smoother. In this way, we support the development of the whole child and lay the foundation for confidence in future academic endeavors.
Our teachers genuinely enjoy their work and are constantly supported and encouraged in their efforts to develop professionally. They and the children are the heart and soul of the program but the families and caregivers also help make this community special. Everyone here is truly interested and invested in the children. We support one another in our efforts to give our children the warmth and support they need to develop a lifelong love of learning. We all see it as a great partnership and when the children benefit and thrive, we all do. Thanks again for your interest in our school. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.