Woodside Preschool is now accepting applications (click here to download) for the 2018-2019 academic year. Families that live in the Woodside Elementary School District have until February 17th to get your application in and receive your priority enrollment status. Woodside Preschool warmly accepts families from neighboring school districts but priority is given to families that reside within the Woodside Elementary School District.
For more information, please email Preschool Director, Tom Limbert.
Image of exterior of preschool building
Nestled on the Campus of Woodside Elementary School, Woodside Preschool offers two individual programs in two engaging and inviting classrooms. Each activity and experience is carefully chosen and designed to stimulate curiosity and creative expression, promote a lifelong joy of learning and sense of competence.
We believe that through the blending of guided exploration and structured learning activities our play-based program fosters learning and the development of the whole child: physical, social, emotional and cognitive. We embrace diversity of all kinds and acknowledge and respect the uniqueness of each child’s learning style, personality and developmental pace.

For more information, please contact Tom Limbert, Director.