BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS — ways to prepare students for the DL school day:
  • Timing: Start adjusting sleep schedule now  — yep, no more staying up late and sleeping until noon! Starting a week before the first day of school, begin establishing a slightly earlier bedtime and earlier wake-up time; slightly earlier every day; Start using the alarm clock again. 
  • Learning Space: Establish a dedicated area for school-focused activities — a quiet, distraction-free area with sufficient surface space for device and note taking; ideally positioned at the correct ergonomic height
  • Seating: Pick a comfortable chair to sit in, add a cushion
  • Lighting: Make sure your work area is well lit to avoid straining eyes
  • Focus: Consider investing in noise-canceling headphones or ear buds (?)
  • Breaks: Create a plan or come up with ideas for movement/snack breaks (jumping jacks, push-ups, run around the perimeter of the house, sprint down driveway and back...)
  • Food: Assemble easy-to-grab healthy snacks for break time and prepared lunch (work with parent on this)
  • Functionality: Once you receive your device (Chromebook or iPad) from school, check to see if working OK. Don't wait until the morning of the first day of school to do this; 
  • Connectivity: Make sure your home's wi-fi or internet connection is strong enough to handle multiple devices in use at the same time (if necessary).
  • Connecting: Add your teacher(s) emails into address book so they quickly pop up if you need to send a message
  • Get Up! Set the alarm early enough to eat a healthy breakfast without rushing
  • Normal day: Get dressed, brush hair, brush teeth — do all the things you'd do if you were going to school. Even make your bed (and this makes your parents happy)
  • Facetime: Keep your video ON during Zoom meetings
  • Other devices: Put away all other devices during school time to avoid temptation and stay focused — HouseParty can wait!
  • During zoom meetings: Stay engaged and be considerate to your teacher and fellow students. 
  • Confused? If you have a question, don't be afraid to reach out to your teacher. They want to make sure you understand the material! "Flextime" periods are a perfect time to contact your teacher. 
  • Be active! Be sure to get some exercise every day, even on days you have P.E. in your schedule. Keeping active is vital to health, wellbeing, and readiness for learning. 
  • Manage stress: These are difficult and frustrating times which may create anxiety, fear and worry for kids and parents alike. Children benefit when they receive age-appropriate factual information and ongoing reassurance from trusted adults. And Woodside School is here to help too. Please don’t hesitate to contact our school's counselors for guidance, advice or just some support HERE.