2020-21 WESD Enrollment Options
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(Spanish version)
due by Wed., August 12th

It is essential that all families complete this WESD Intent Form (Spanish version) so that we can properly prepare for student placement and staffing. Please note that since yesterday's Board meeting, some changes have been made to the overall Distance Learning path. As previously announced, all students at Woodside School will start the school year with Distance Learning on Monday, August 24, and will continue for 9 weeks (1st quarter). Once we determine that Woodside School will reopen for in-person instruction (either because we are taken off the county watch list or if we are granted a waiver), the various paths (opting in/out of the District's program) will take effect. We realize that these are not easy decisions to make ahead of time, but it is essential that we have an understanding of how many students plan to opt-out when we do return to school. These accurate numbers will allow us to prepare our campus, assign staffing appropriately, and finalize class placements. Please fill out the Intent Form with a focus towards your family's plan for the entire school year, using the definitions provide here: 
    • Option #1 — Opt-In: You agree that your student(s) will follow the WESD' Distance Learning and in-person learning plan at Woodside School for the rest of the 2020-21 school year. When we return to in-person on-campus instruction, Woodside school will follow the county mandated health and safety guidelines to protect students and staff. Please note that families are not able to opt into only part of the District’s plan for the year (i.e. only Distance Learning or only in-person learning). We need to ensure that there is learning continuity and progression for all students and that students and staff are protected within their stable cohorts. Additional information about Distance Learning and in-person learning will be presented at the next School Board meeting on Monday, August 11th.
    • Option #2 — Opt-Out: If you are not comfortable sending your student back to campus for in-person learning once we are able to do so, you can enroll your child in the alternate Distance Learning option offered by the District. Please note that the offerings below differ based on your child's grade level. 
      • TK-5th Grade: If you opt-out, you can choose to enroll your student in the Virtual Learning Academy (TK-5 only). The Virtual Learning Academy will be in place for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. It is important to note that although the Virtual Learning Academy will be taught by Woodside teachers, the curriculum and learning paths offered at the Virtual learning academy may differ from in-person instruction and standard WESD offerings. 
      • 6th-8th GradeIf you have a middle school-aged student and do not wish to send your child back to the classroom for in-person instruction at any time, you can opt to enroll in the County Sponsored Distance Learning Plan (more information to come from the county). You can also choose an independent learning path, such as homeschooling. If you intend to enroll, you should indicate that you are opting-out of the District’s program on the Intent form.