WESD Virtual Academy 
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If you are not comfortable sending your student back to campus once we are able to do so, you can enroll your child in the alternate Distance Learning option offered by the District. It is important to note that although the Virtual Learning Academy will be taught by Woodside teachers, the curriculum and learning paths offered at the Virtual learning academy may differ from in-person instruction and standard WESD offerings based on your child's grade level. 
Rationale: Maintaining stable cohorts, staffing, and the learning trajectory of our students is only possible if parents opt into the District’s program in its entirety, agreeing to have their child flow between Distance Learning and In-Person Learning as the District deems safe and appropriate.
Program Overview:
  • TK-5:
    • Exploring using current staffing model to implement this program ○ Students would likely be grade-banded, rather than placed with individual grade level teachers
    • Curriculum would vary from standard WESD offerings and focus on core content
  • 6th-8th Grade:
    • Exploring the option of partnering with the SMCOE for student programs
    • Students would not be placed with District staff members
    • Curriculum would vary from standard WESD offerings
  • Possibility to allow families to opt back into WESD’s program after Semester 1 is complete - TBD