On-Campus Student, Staff & Community COVID Testing
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WEEKLY On-Campus School Testing for Students & Staff with WorkSite Labs
I am pleased to inform you that Woodside School has partnered with Worksite Labs to provide weekly COVID testing for all students and staff for any registered students. WorkSite Labs recently signed an MOU with the County Office of Education to provide COVID testing for school districts.  

While we cannot mandate student testing at this time, it is highly recommended that all students participate. I am hopeful that we will have 100% student participation as this will be the school’s main testing source. Testing will take place one day each week, on campus, and during the school day.  Parents/Guardians will need to opt-in by signing up and completing the required forms below. We are hopeful to begin testing on Monday, October 11.    

Woodside School District’s COVID-19 Testing Program is designed to provide diagnostic screening testing for all students and staff of the Woodside School District. The San Mateo County Office of Education (SMCOE) and Woodside School District have partnered with Worksite Labs, Inc. (WSL) to provide testing at no cost to students, faculty, staff, and parents of Woodside.  

We ask that you register your child or children as soon as possible. Please review the following links as they contain important registration information.
COMMUNITY TESTING — Every Thursday from 2:30-5:30pm in Sellman

WEEKLY Opportunity for Community Testing for Students, Staff, Parents and Everyone with Virus Geeks
In addition, the Woodside School District has partnered with Virus Geeks to provide community testing on the Woodside School campus. All members of the community, including students, staff, and parents are encouraged to take part in the weekly testing each Thursday after school in Wildcats on the Woodside School campus. Participation is completely voluntary; however, we do recommend that your family take advantage of this opportunity.  Anyone can participate so please see the below information about the community testing from Virus Geeks and be sure to complete the registration. 

Virus Geeks will provide on-site, community testing beginning Thursday, September 30th on the Woodside School Campus. Any member of the community can participate, and our hope is that students, staff, parents, and community members will participate.  To not disrupt the school day, the schedule will be as follows:
  • Beginning Thursday, September 30, and each Thursday moving forward
  • Location:  Wildcats
  • Times:
    • 3:30 - 5:30pm each Thursday for community testing
    • 2:30 - 3:30pm each Thursday for Preschool, TK, and Kindergarten students 
Who will be testing?
  • Students, staff, parents, community members
When will testing take place?
  • Every Thursday afternoon
Where will testing take place?
  • Wildcats Room (next to Sellman lot)
  • Please maintain 6 feet distance while in line and testing
How to Register?
  • Please use the QR Code below and register each person testing prior to coming. 
  • Register using Virus Geeks registration link
  • Register on-site during testing hours; staff will assist you
Please note that WES is partnering with Virus Geeks along with the Portola Valley School District. While the registration link may say “Portola,” you can rest assured that data is not shared among districts. Only Virus Geeks will have access to personal information through the registration process.  Please make sure the registration reflects the correct name and date of birth of the individual that is testing. No appointments are necessary.  

What to expect: 
  • Students and staff will enter Wildcats via the Sellman parking lot entrance.
  • When you are at the testing station, Virus Geeks staff will guide patients on proper swabbing for sample collection
  • Registration is available on site.
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